Immigration and Migration Studies Courses

Fall 2018

Below is a list of the courses that may be applied to the Center's Transcript Notation Program. If you do not see a course listed that you believe should be offered for such credit, please contact the Center with the course information, including the relevant syllabus!

AASP 310 -- African Slave Trade

AASP 398Y -- Caribbean Sexualities in a Global World: Querying/Queering Home

AAST 398A -- Vietnamese American Studies

AAST 398D -- Filipino American History and Biography

AAST 398E -- Growing Up Asian American: The Asian Immigrant Family and the Second Generation

AMST 498C -- Central Americans and the United States: Culture, Politics, and Community

AMST 498W -- Globalization and the Diversifying US

ANTH 265 -- Anthropology of Global Health

ANTH 441 -- Archaeology of Diaspora

CCJS 325 -- Slavery in the Twenty First Century: Combating Human Trafficking

CMLT 235 -- Black Diaspora Literature and Culture

CMLT 270 -- Global Literature and Social Change

CMLT 280 -- Film Art in a Global Society

CMLT 398N -- Gypsy Culture

ENGL 479Z -- South Asian Literature on the Move

HIST 106 -- American Jewish Experience

HIST 250 -- Colonial Latin America

HIST 329Y -- Workers of US Capitalism

HIST 466 -- Immigration and Ethnicity in the US

HONR 218P -- Immigration: Personal Stories and Policy Changes

HONR 268L -- United States Immigration Issues

IMMR 200 -- Introduction to Immigration and Migration Studies

LASC 234 -- Issues in Latin American Studies I

USLT201 -- US Latina/o Studies I: An Historical Overview to the 1960s

SOCY 410 -- Social Demography

SPAN 408R -- Great Themes of the Hispanic Literatures: Central American Diasporas

THET 489G -- Globalization and Theater

UNIV399Z -- Rethink Human Security: Beyond the Immigration and the Refugee Crises

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