Immigration and Migration Studies Courses

Spring 2018

Below is a list of the courses that may be applied to the Center's Transcript Notation Program. If you do not see a course listed that you believe should be offered for such credit, please contact the Center with the course information, including the relevant syllabus!

AASP 310 -- African Slave Trade

AASP 398G -- Gender, Labor, and Race Identity in Diaspora Communities

AAST 398J -- New World Arrivals: Literature of Asian American Migration and Diaspora

CCJS 325 -- Slavery in the Twenty First Century: Combating Human Trafficking

CMLT 235 -- Black Diaspora and Culture

ENGL 329Y -- A Cinema of Migration as Message

ENGL 349J -- New World Arrivals: Liturate of Asian American Migration and Diaspora

GEOG 415 -- Migration: Latin America and the United States

HIST 222 -- Immigration and Ethnicity in America

HIST 428M -- Oral History of Immigration

HIST 429J -- History of the Atlantic World, 1450-1750

HONR 218P -- Immigration: Personal Stories and Policy Changes

HONR 269E -- Exploring Key Issues of Globalization

IMMR 219B -- U.S. Latina/o Studies II: A Contemporary Overview 1960s to Present

IMMR 399 -- Internship in Immigration/Migration Studies

IMMR 400 -- Vital Voices: Oral Histories of the Immigrant Experience

ISRL 349M -- Israeli Society through History, Sociology, and Art

LING 262 -- Heritage Languages and their Speakers

MUSC 220 -- Selected Musical Cultures of the World

RUSS 398E -- Russian Emigre Literature and Culture

SLLC 299P -- Engaging "Glocal" Communities and Languages

SOCY 398G -- Global Migration and the Israeli Case Study

SPAN 229R -- Engaging "Glocal" Communities and Languages

THET 498 -- Vital Voices: Oral Histories of the Immigrant Experiences

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